Release Notes

Production Environment

TT Version 16.4.2 was released to the Production environment on April 1, 2016.

New Features


Implemented the ADL Average block which will calculate the average of the numerical inputs provided.


Autospreader now supports the ability to submit multiple quote orders per leg. These orders, known as Queue Holder Orders, allow the user to maintain their position in queue at multiple price levels.

This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, simply change the 'Queue Holder Orders' setting in the spread configuration to a value greater than 0. You can toggle this feature On or Off through the synthetic MD Trader using the 'QH' button. If submitted from the Market Grid, Autospreader will always submit the order using the value of 'Queue Holder Orders' setting in the spread configuration.


Added additional price types to determine P/L calculations. The default "LTP Waterfall" method uses the Last Traded Price (LTP) and automatically moves to a waterfall logic to use other price types when the LTP is not available or may not be the best indicator of the current market for an illiquid instrument. When using a method other than "Default", if the user's selected price type does not exist, then the waterfall logic is not followed, and P/L will be displayed as Invalid.



In prior versions of TT as well as all versions of the X_TRADER platform, the ADL Order block "wrk qty" output port and the "workingQuantity" field of discrete messages emanating from this block were set to the full order quantity for untriggered stop orders. These are now set to zero until the stop is triggered at which time they will be populated with the full order quantity.

A discrete event will also be fired from the "Chg OK" port when the stop is triggered. A new field named "isTriggered" has also been added to this message and will be set to true when the stop is triggered.

Audit Trail

Added the display of Autospreader quote latency data to the Audit Trail. An order cannot be both a hedge and a quote at the same time, so the quote latency is displayed in the same column as the hedge latency.


Added "Product", "Product Type" and "Fill Type" columns to the Fills widget.

MD Trader

Improved the pro-rata matching algorithm in simulation to obtain more accurate matching for small orders.

Market Data

As of April 1, 2016, TT is vendor of record for ICE market data on the TT platform and will be reporting users with ICE market data to the ICE exchange.

As part of becoming vendor of record, TT is required to collect market data subscription agreements for users that view ICE market data. Users accessing ICE market data from the Trade application will automatically be prompted to sign the agreement, Alternatively, users can go to Setup and sign the agreement ahead of time (Users- >Agreements).

Order Book

Added ability in the Order Book to change the Account Type, GiveUp/TakeUp member, Open/Close setting and free form text fields when accepting Eurex and EEX Block orders.


Added the ability to sort the Positions window by: Balance, Net Position and P/L.

Setup App

Enabled the option that allows administrators to create, manage, and fully sponsor users outside of their own firm. As part of this enhancement, when creating users, administrators will now be prompted to select whether the user being created is a member or employee of the administrator's company, or a user that is not an employee, but will be managed by the administrator's company.

* When the user is an employee or member of your firm, select "Yes. This user is an employee or member of my company".
* When the user is not an employee or member of your company, but you would like to invite and fully manage the user (including paying for the user's market data and transaction charges), select "No, the user is not an employee or member of my company, but my firm will be responsible for managing the user, and for any market data or transaction fees incurred by this user."
* When the user is not a member of your company, but you do not want to manage and take responsibility for the user's fees, click cancel, contact your user's administrator, and ask for the user to be shared with your company. Contact TT if you need assistance.