Release Notes

Production Environment

January 23, 2015

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes in the version released on January 23, 2015.

CME market data users can now be set as Non-professional for CME billing purposes. The new field is located on the Users->Exchanges->CME->Exchange Settings tab. Once set as non-professional, the non-professional agreement will be sent to the user's Agreements tab for the user to sign.


Updated the Company Profile menu and screens and added a company level option to disable order entry for all users.

"Company Profile" has been renamed "Global Settings"
The "Company Information" tab has been renamed "Company Settings"
On the renamed "Company Settings" tab, there is a new option, "Disable Trading (all users in all environments) that disables trading for all users in this company. Company admins that check this option will be prompted to confirm their action before trading is actually disabled.


The Connections list now includes an indicator that shows the selected connection's status. The indicator will be green if the connection is up, white if the connection is not enabled, yellow if the connection is recovering or coming up, or red if the connection is down. The Connections->Settings tab also lists a description of the connection status.


Administrators can now set users of CME Market Data as "Grandfathered" or a "Netting Program Participant" from each user's Exchanges->Market Data tab for CME. Netting Progam Participant groups are also managed from this tab by clicking "Manage Organizations".


Added ability to clear all filters in Order Book, Fill Window, Audit Trail and Position Window.


The widget title bar now displays "Filters On" when a filter is applied in that widget.


Workspaces can now be opened and managed from the Titlebar, under the "File" menu. Also, Global settings can now be accessed under the "Edit" menu, which replaces the former "cog" icon access to Global Settings on the Titlelbar.


The Product column in Market Explorer can now be resized wider to better display products with long names.


The Order Book now groups child orders under their synthetic parent order with a +/- tree control.


You can now add an entire product to an existing Time and Sales window.



The following lists all items that are fixed in the version releaased on January 23, 2015.

Enhanced the chart toolbar by increasing it's size and fixing it's behavior when widgets are grouped.


Added support for Widget Groups while using Internet Explorer.


Fixed an issue where the Product and Expiry listings in Market Explorer could sometimes not display properly when using Internet Explorer.


Fixed an issue where the column header did not always display the yellow background highlight when a filter is applied in that column.


Fixed an Order Book issue where changes to selected orders did not update the order toolbar nor the upper order modification pane.


Fixed an issue where you could not add or remove instruments in an existing Time and Sales window.


Fixed an issue that prevented Time and Sales windows from updating.