ADL® (Algo Design Lab) introduces futures and options traders to an interactive way of creating trading algorithms and automated strategies. ADL allows futures and options traders to design, create and deploy automated high frequency trading algorithms without having to write a single line of code. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can use building blocks to construct circuit-like designs on their computer screens. At the same time, ADL grants granular flexibility in design instead of offering pre-made strategies.

When an ADL strategy is deployed to the trade server, the strategy is compiled and run as if it were a traditional computer program. ADL makes algorithm design accessible to anyone, not just computer programmers. It provides safety measures (at design time and at run time) that are not available in traditional programming context, thereby reducing risk and the time required to design, create and test programs while providing a safer trading environment. What once took days or weeks, now takes minutes. In addition, by handling code-writing "behind the scenes" for the user, ADL lowers risks for traders, trading firms, and exchanges - especially for high-frequency automated trading.