Release Notes

Production Environment

April 24th, 2015

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes released to the Production environment on April 24th, 2015.

Added an option to disable order routing from within the iOS and Android mobile applications. This can be set per user/account as an Order Permission.

Changes made to a Connection are now effective immediately. If the connection is currently enabled, the connection may be restarted to ensure that it is updated.

Administrators can now copy product limits within the selected user's limit tab or within the selected account's limit tab.

Introduced a more responsive, more flexible layout for the Setup application.

* The new grid views allow you to sort and filter - making it easier to find the records you want to edit.

* The updated layout provides more information in a single screen and allows for future mass-editing improvements.

*Buttons for common tasks such as creating a user are now easier to find, and the hovering save button is always in the bottom-left corner, even if you scroll the page up and down.

*Links icons (which appear after every link) let you open windows in a new tab without the need for using a control-click or right-click (for example, when you want to edit a user's account, but not leave the user's record).

Added a "Trade Mode" setting to the User Profile. A user's Trade Mode can be be set to Professional to allow use of professional features, such as Autospreader® or Autotrader, to Basic to prevent use of professional features, or to View Only to allow access to non-professional features, but prevent order routing.

 Note: In the Simulation environment, professional features are always available regardless of the "Trade Mode" setting.

Added ability to set the text size in Market Grid, Order Book, Fill Window, Time and Sales and Audit Trail.


The following lists all fixes released to the Production environment on April 24th, 2015.

Enabled CME Europe products.