Release Notes

Production Environment

Production Environment

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes released to the Production Environment on June 26, 2015.

The Default Trader ID and Default Password fields are no longer needed when setting up Eurex or EEX OTC connections; these fields were used to configure exchange trader credentials. The Default Trader ID has been moved to the Order Routing tab for the Eurex and EEX markets (User->Exchange->EEX\Eurex->Order Routing ) and is now called "OTC Trading User ID". OTC trades entered by users that do not have a valid OTC Trading User ID will be rejected.

Added support for the Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX).

Implemented the ADL Order Container Block.

Implement the ADL Discrete Block.

Enhanced the chart widget by adding a comparison feature. An instrument in the chart search will now display a new icon you can select to add the instrument to the existing chart as a comparison instead of changing the instrument.

Enhanced the chart widget by adding a clone feature. An instrument in the chart search will now display a new icon you can select to clone the current chart instead of changing the instrument.

Updated naming convention for CME's intercommodity spreads. For example, prior to the change, the spread was displayed as 5xZF|ZN - 3x ZF|ZN; after the change, the spread is displayed as follows: 5xZF - 3xZN

Added a report that lists users that have the CME "Non-professional" checkbox checked.

Improved the performance of Audit Trail.

Added search capability to the account and order type drop down controls.

Added support for the Market to Limit order type.

Added an optional setting to automatically center MD Trader every "x" number of seconds.

Added ability to select Autospreader contracts in the Market Explorer.

Added ability to change the trigger price on working non-native TT Stop orders in the Order Book.

Added support for CME Europe products.


The following lists all fixes released to the Production environment on June 26, 2015.

CME ZBX Ratio spreads are now displayed correctly in TTW, previously the display did not include correct ratio quantities.

Fixed an issue where "Set as global defaults" did not save the new settings correctly.

Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect P/L display in the Position Window.