Release Notes

Production Environment

Production Environment

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes released to the Production environment released on August 21, 2015.


Implemented the Stop Watch block.


Implemented "AtStartTime" mode in the Generator block to replace the 7x Clock block.


Implemented Loop block.


Autospreader Position Reserve: This new functionality allows Autospreader to do risk checking for all potential orders that may be submitted as hedge orders, at the time the spread order is entered. This has two significant benefits. The first is that the risk of having a hedge order rejected due to risk concerns is dramatically reduced. The second is that there is reduced latency when submitting hedge orders because they have already been risk checked, and thus don’t need to be checked again at the moment they’re sent to the exchange.


The chart now has right click context menus where the chart types, technical indicators, drawing tools, and configure menu items can now be found and the chart's configuration bar has been removed.


Updated the chart's contextual search to match the rest of the widgets.


Company Admins can now use the "Data Uploads" section (located on the left navigation pane) to upload account credit data from one of the following file formats, CSV, GMI, Rolfe & Nolan US, Rolfe & Nolan UK. When uploading CSV files with a header row, the columns can be in any order, but must be labeled "Account", "Currency", and "Credit" (additional columns will be ignored). When uploading CSV files without a header row, there must only be three columns: account, currency, then credit. All other uploaded files must be in the standard format for their file type.

Note: Data Uploads are only available from Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.

TTW Algo Dashboard

Redesigned the Algo Dashboard as a group widget consisting of three main panes. Each pane can be "popped out" if so desired via a right click menu item.

(1) The Algo Explorer pane is displayed on the left portion of the dashboard. Upon selecting an algo, the pane is replaced by an algo parameter pane for configuring initial parameters prior to launch. When the algo is launched, the Explorer pane slides back into view. The Explorer pane can also be minimized via a right click menu item. The parameter pane can be "pinned" in an open state to allow configuring and launching multiple instances of the same algo.

(2) The middle portion of the Algo Dashboard is the Algo Order pane. This pane displays currently launched algos and provides tool bar buttons for Cancel, Pause, Resume. etc. Algo orders can be filtered on various columns and displayed as filtered views on tabs along the bottom of the window.

(3) The Algo Parameter pane is located on the right hand portion of the window. This pane displays the parameters of a selected algo order, and allows you to modify user defined parameters and update the algo.

TTW Audit Trail

Added columns to the Order Book, Fills widget and Audit Trail to display Account Type and Give Up values.

TTW Autospreader

The "(TT) Hedge Offset" Autospreader Rule has been deprecated. It was misleading in the actual effect it would have on a pre-hedge order.

TTW Blocktrader

Improved Blocktrader handling of option spreads hedged with a futures contract. When a futures contract is added as a leg when option legs are present, the futures prices are not included in the 'Calculated Prices'. Only the options prices impact the calculated prices. Also, the Qty field is editable for the futures leg, and the futures leg qty is not included in the multiplication of the ratio and the main qty edit control. Only the options leg qtys get calculated as read-only fields.

TTW Blocktrader

Added ability in Blocktrader to configure the 'Deal Time' prior to submitting a block trade. Also added new columns in the transaction report (bottom) pane to display the 'Deal Date' and 'Deal Time'.

TTW Fill Window

Added tabs to the Fills widget to organize different filtered views within the same widget and conserve screen real estate.

TTW General

Added widget right click context menus and removed the widget configuration bar. This means that local widget settings, along with other functionality, is no longer available via the horizontal drag down configuration bar but are now available via right click menu items.

TTW General

Redesigned the layout of the main titlebar. The most noticeable changes are:

(1) Widgets are now selected from a "Widgets" drop down menu. The "+" button that previously provided access to launching new widgets has been removed.

(2) "Log out" has been relocated under the "File" drop down menu. Note: Closing the browser (or browser tab) will also initiate a log out action.

(3) The magnifying glass icon to launch Market Explorer has been renamed as "Explore".

(4) The current workspace name has been relocated immediately right of the Explore button.

(5) The icon collection of currently open widgets has been relocated to the right, just before the "Save" icon button.

(6) Changed "Help" to "Support".

(7) Added a "Refresh" menu item to the "File" drop down menu.

TTW Market Grid

Market Grid now colors the border around the price of your own orders in expanded depth.

TTW Market Grid

Added a setting to optionally highlight Market Grid cells on update.

TTW Order Book

Added ability to apply Order Management Algos (OMAs) from the Order Book.

TTW Order Book

Added tabs to the Order Book to organize different filtered views within the same widget and conserve screen real estate.

TTW Order Book

Selecting a partially filled order in the Order Book now seeds the edit quantity control with the working quantity. Previously, the value of the total order quantity was seeded.

TTW Order Book

Changed the default column order in the Order Book.

TTW Order Book

Algo parent orders now display with a light purple background color when an algo has at least one working child order. The purple background color will not display when the algo parent order does not have any child orders working in the market. This color formatting applies to both user designed algos and TT provided algos.

TTW Order Entry Ticket

Local changes made during order entry for Account Type and Give Up are now applied to algo orders.

TTW Order Entry Ticket

Several improvements were made to floating order entry functionality:

(1) There is now a clear distinction between a "Floating" order entry widget and when that same type of widget is "Linked". A "Floating" order entry widget has a green border, and a "Linked" order entry widget has a yellow border.

(2) <not a change, but mentioned here for clarity> Your "Floating" order entry widget style can be either an Order Ticket or an MD Trader, and will launch upon click on one of the "action cells" in Market Grid (Bid, Ask, BidQty, AskQty, Pos). "Linked' means an Order Ticket or MD Trader launched via the right-click menu "Launch linked widget...".

(3) The same order entry widget style can be open in both Floating and Linked mode simultaneously.

(4) The "Close after submission" checkbox applies to Order Ticket and MD Trader *only* when it is set as the floating order entry style. The checkbox label text on the Global Settings/Order Entry page was modified to clearly indicate this behavior.

(5) Because Order Entry settings are global only, the ability to launch local order entry settings from an Order Ticket was removed.

*Note:* To avoid unexpected behavior from these changes in saved workspaces, we recommended closing any open Order Tickets previously saved in a workspace and re-save the workspace with all Order Tickets closed. After refreshing the workspace, newly opened Order Tickets will adhere to the new behaviors.

TTW TimeAndSales

Time and Sales time stamps now optionally display milliseconds, and are off by default. The Date column is also now off by default. As a reminder regarding changes to default settings, new users pick up new default settings automatically. Existing users need to click 'Reset' in the settings window to pick up new default values.


The following lists all fixes released to the UAT environment on August 21, 2015.


Added the contextual search when a blank chart widget is launched.

TTW MD Trader

Fixed an issue in MD Trader where selected accounts did not persist when switching between multiple tabs.

TTW Order Entry Ticket

Fixed an issue that allowed the Order Ticket to submit multiple orders when close on submission was enabled.

TTW TimeAndSales

Fixed an issue where an expired contract could not be removed from the Time and Sales widget.