Release Notes

Production Environment

TT Version 16.12.2 was released to the Production environment on December 2, 2016.

New Features


The Pause block has been renamed to the Terminal block. It can be set to pause or stop an algo when the condition is met.


TT has introduced a new RFQ Viewer widget. The widget provides you the ability to view and act upon options and strategies for which RFQs have been submitted to the exchange. The RFQ Viewer displays market data, theoretical values and Greeks for each option or strategy. It allows you to pin selected RFQs to the top of the display, it allows you to resubmit an RFQ, it allows you to quickly trade an RFQ, and it allows you to launch the Strategy Creation or Blocktrader widgets seeded with the selected instrument. Currently, RFQ Viewer only supports CME.

Trade App on TT (web)

TT has added support for ICE Options. Customers who wish to trade ICE Options should contact the exchange to secure the appropriate sessions and permissioning.



Redesigned the architecture of the Algo Server to provide substantial performance improvements.

MD Trader

Added the ability in MD Trader to "View my orders only" when sharing an account with other users. Note that this feature only filters working orders and does not affect the net position value, and is separate from any filtering applied via the "Filter" checkbox.

Market Grid

For markets that support detail depth, Market Grid now separates out the direct qty's from the implied qty, and always displays the direct qty's above the implied qty (since the directs will get matched first), with the implied qty at the bottom (for each price level). The implied qty has an asterisk after it to distinguish it as an implied qty.

Market Grid

Added ability to view detailed depth in Market Grid for CME products supported on the exchange's new Market By Order (MBO) price feed. The first group of products released by the exchange include COMEX gold (GC), silver (SI), copper (HG), aluminum (AL) futures contracts, NYMEX platinum (PL) and palladium (PA) futures contracts, along with the half-sized futures contracts for gold (QO), silver (QI), and copper (QC). Initially, TT will only make CME detailed depth available in the Simulation environment. TT plans to make it available in the LIVE environment after successful evaluation of performance impacts.

Setup App

Updated the Trade Mode options to match our product offering. "Professional" has been updated to "TT Pro", "Basic" has been updated to "TT Standard", and "View Only" has been updated to TT Standard (View Only).

Setup App

Added further restrictions to company administrators that are not allowed to enable trading for users or accounts. If an administrator does not have permission to set the "Allow Trading" option for users, they are also not allowed to assign user/account permissions. If an administrator does not have permission to set "Allow Trading" for either accounts or sub-accounts cannot assign accounts to users.


FIX Services

Fixed an issue where FIX tag < 151 > 'leaves_qty' was missing from the execution report for new TT Orders submitted via FIX.