Release Notes

Production Environment

January 16, 2015

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes in the version released on January 16, 2015.

Added support for Eurex and EEX standard order types for Day orders routing. Previously all Day orders were defaulted to lean non-standard type. Low Frequency (LF) session connections support lean, non-persistent, and persistent orders. LF sessions have a much lower throughput as compared to HF sessions, and allow all orders and fills to be recovered across a participant's ETI sessions.


Enabled support for inter product energy spreads.


TraderIDs are now reflected correctly when an order is changed by a trader that is different from the trader that originated the order.


After sending or re-sending an invitation, administrators can use the "Copy Link" button to access the user's unique invitation URL. This allows administrators to distribute this link via another method if the link gets, for example, sent to a spam folder. The Copy Link button will not appear once an invitation has been accepted. In addition, invitations sent before 16 January, 2015 must be resent before the Copy Link button will appear.


Added new field "Text 2 (Clearing Account Override)" on the EEX User->Exchange tab. When there is a value entered into the Text 2 field, the value is sent to the exchange as the clearing account rather than the Account.


The User Column has been relabeled as "Originator" and a new column, labeled "CurrentUser", has been added. These columns will specify the user or originates an order and a user who takes action on an order post origination.


Widgets can now be minimized and maximized.


Widget configuration is now a transient pull down bar that is accessed by clicking on a thin gray "tab" located in the top center of each widget.


In the Market Grid, users can move contracts to a different tab using the context menu. Select one or more rows, right-click and choose to Move or Copy the rows to an existing or new tab. Moved rows will be removed from the original tab whereas copied rows will not.


A single comma may now be entered in a price and will be treated as a decimal point.



The following lists all items that are fixed in the version releaased on January 16, 2015.

Tabs in Market Grid now are required to have unique names. When a name is duplicated, the tab can still be added or renamed but it will be appended with a counter such as '(1)'. When a tab is dragged from one Market Grid to another, if the name duplicates another tab in that window, the new tab has its name appended with the counter in the same way.