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Production Environment

Production Environment

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes released to the Production Environment on July 17th, 2015.

Added connectivity to NASDAQ Futures exchange (NFX).

The "View Market Data" setting previously on the User->Setting page has been replaced with a per product group setting (Users->Exchanges->Exchange->Sessions). This allows you, for example, to have 3 market data sessions in one product group (like ICE Futures US), while limiting another product group (like CME:CBOT) to 1 market data session. As part of this feature, product groups that are set to "Allow" are either updated to 1 if the values had not previously been set, or, if a specific value had been selected, then the setting is unchanged. For example, if you had previously set the Sessions to 2 in preparation for this change, then the Sessions will remain at 2.

Implemented the ADL Demultiplexer block, formerly known as the Multiplexer block in 7X.

Implemented the ADL Discrete Min block.

Created an additional entry on the Titlebar for accessing the APIs Portal.

Implemented the ADL Discrete Max block.

Added Audit Trail and Fill Window identifiers on orders filled by position transfer.

Each tab in an MD Trader widget now has it's own settings (filters, accounts, quantity settings, etc.) in the order entry area which is independent of other tabs.

Added a new Blocktrader widget to create and submit block orders on single instruments or custom strategies for NFX contracts.