Release Notes

Production Environment

March 27, 2015

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes in the version released to production March 27, 2015.

Added Spot product type.

Setup now prevents an account that has any open position or any activity since the last position reset time from being moved or deleted. After the position reset time, an account with no open positions or activity may be safely moved or deleted.

Setup now prevents a connection that has working orders from being deleted.

Added a "Show Password" option for Trader IDs.

To assist with troubleshooting, the underlying IDs are now displayed on the Accounts, Companies, Connections, FIX Sessions, Organizations, Trader IDs, and User Group windows.

In Order Ticket and MD Trader, we now show/hide the list of TT Algos based on the algo permission for the selected account.

In the Order Book, we now display "Stopped" in the Status field when the Synth Status field has a value of "Failed".

Renamed the applications. "Risk Monitor" application has been renamed "Monitor"; "User Setup" has been renamed "Setup" and "Message Center" has been renamed "Inbox".

Users are now prevented from logging into TT applications using internet browsers with known incompatibilities. Future releases will also prevent users from logging into TT applications with an internet browser that is more than 2 versions older than the most recent version. Refer to the Browser Requirements section of the help for more details.


The following lists all items that are fixed in the version releaased to production March 27, 2015.

Fixed an issue where Market Explorer displayed outside the right edge of the workspace.

Fixed an issue where Market Grid would improperly indicate that the user had an order on the inside market.

Fixed an issue in the Order Book that prevented inquiring on a Block order.

Fixed an Order Ticket issue that prevented Cross orders from being submitted.