Release Notes

Production Environment

TT Version 16.9.2 was released to the Production environment on September 9th, 2016.

New Features


Order entry is now available within the chart widget. The order pane has been added to the side of the chart for easy access to accounts, order types, time in force, position, and order quantity fields. Buy and sell columns have been placed within the widget for quick and easy single-click order placement. Filled and working orders are visible and actionable from within the widget as well. Visit the Help Library for more information on Chart Trading.

FIX Services

For FIX Messages, the following Markets support RIC Codes for Futures and Spreads when FIX Tag < 22 > IDSource = 5

Order Entry

Added the ability to create user-defined strategies consisting of options and futures for CME. For detailed information on strategy creation, see

Additionally added the ability to create user-defined options strategies from the Options Chain widget. For more information, see Creating a strategy in the Options Chain.


Order Book

Added the ability to filter the Order Book, Fills widget and Audit Trail on the Type (aka Order Type) column.

Order Book

Order Book now displays the exchange provided order ID in the 'ExchOrderID' field. Previously this field displayed the TT generated order ID.

Setup App

Active users' last login date is now displayed on the Users- >Profile- >Status, the Users datagrid, and in the User Settings report.


MD Trader

Fixed an issue where butterflies and condor option strategy names included only the expiration month. The new butterfly and condor option strategy names will include both month and option strike price.

Setup App

Fixed an issue where administrators could delete connections that were inherited from shared accounts, but not re-add them later. Now the removed connections can be re-added if they are still assigned to the parent account.