Release Notes

Production Environment

TT Version 16.3.2 was released to the Production environment on March 4th, 2016.

New Features

Audit Trail

Added a "HdgLtncy" column to Audit Trail that displays Autospreader hedge order latency in microseconds.


Added ability to display a pop-up window to alert when new fills occur. Fill alerts are enabled via an option on the “Fills” global settings page named “Alert on new fills”. The pop-up window only presents fills that have occurred since the last time this widget was closed. It does not display historical fills and does not display Trade Capture Reports (from Block trades). A “Clear” button clears all rows.


Added Passive/Aggressive columns to Audit Trail and Fill Window.


Added the ability to highlight new fills in the Fills widget.

Market Data

Reminder: Users that are configured for CME, CFE, or Nasdaq market data are required to sign a Market Data Subscription Agreement for each exchange. This agreement can be found on each user's Agreements tab. The Trade application will prompt users that have not signed the agreement to sign before allowing the user to access market data.

Order Entry

Order staging is now supported on the TT platform allowing users to submit order intentions to another trader or trading desk for customized handling and execution.

Staged Orders, also known as Care Orders, can be submitted from a FIX enabled system such as a third-party order management system, from another user via a TT order entry screen, or directly using your own TT screen. Users can specify contract, quantity and buy/sell direction, or a fully qualified order specification, including detailed order parameters. In addition, users can include text instructions for the execution trader or broker to better understand their intentions.

Note: Staged orders only exist on the TT system; only the child orders to execute the staged order are sent to the exchange.

See our documentaiton for more information on Staged Orders.

Setup App

Added an "Auto Uploads" feature to the setup application that allows company admins to schedule data to be uploaded from an SFTP site on specific days, at specific times. Initially the credit file upload is the only data upload that can be scheduled, but product margin and start-of-day records will be able to be scheduled in future releases.

To use the automatic upload feature, click the Auto Upload option on the left-navigation panel, and click New Auto Upload. Enter the name of the file to be uploaded, the SFTP login information, the time the upload should start, the days the upload should occur, and the number of times the upload feature should retry uploading the file before failing (in case, for example, the file is not present). After the scheduled upload runs, Setup stores a record of the file upload in the Data Uploads section (click Data Uploads in the left-navigation pane.

Setup App

A new field, Clearing Account Override, has been added to the Account- >Exchanges tab for exchanges that send the "Account Name/Number" to the exchange as the clearing account. When the account type is set to "Routing (external clearing)", this value is sent to the exchange as the clearing account instead of the Account Name. Note that if there is a user level clearing account override, that setting takes precedence over the account level setting.

Trade App on TT (web)

Added the ability to save custom widget settings as default settings that are not available in the global default settings. Items such as column widths, overall widget size, etc. can now be saved as default settings by selecting a new "Save as" right-click menu choice that is visible upon right-click on a widget title bar.

Trade App on TT (web)

TT previously announced support for a new market, NDAQ_EU, which supports Nasdaq Commodities products. With this release, we have also added support for Nasdaq Derivatives products. Customers who wish to trade NDAQ_EU should contact the exchange to secure the appropriate sessions and permissioning.



Implemented several performance enhancements leading to a substantial reduction in latency.


Aggregated instruments now display the implied quantities in the ImpBidQty/ImpAskQty columns when appropriate.


Improved instrument selection in Blocktrader with a new instrument picker control that allows changing the individual components of each instrument separately, e.g., Type, Product, Term, Strike, etc.

Order Book

Selecting a partially filled order in the Order Book now seeds the edit quantity control with the original order quantity. Currently, the working order quantity was seeded.

Order Entry

Added Order Ticket support for text fields when submitting Eurex and EEX Block and Cross orders.

Setup App

Setup now includes more detailed information about invitation status. On the User Profile page, after an invitation has been sent, the following potential states are listed:
* Sending (an invitation send has been initialized but has not yet finished)
* Sent (the invitation has been sent )
* Sending failed (the invitation could not be sent)
* Delivered (the invitation was delivered to the user)
* Delivery failed (the invitation could not be delivered)
* Accepted (the user has accepted the invitation)
* Rejected (the user has rejected the invitation)

Note: If the invitation stays in the "Sent" status, it does not mean that the invitation has not been delivered. It is simply an indication that the recipient email server did not communicate the status of the message back to TT.

Setup App

In the Setup application, administrators can now sort\filter users by their "Trade Mode" (View-Only, Basic, or Professional).

Setup App

Added the ability to export and import FIX profiles (via Import and Export buttons on the FIX profile tab). Users can now modify FIX tag rules and symbol mappings in a profile, verify the changes in the UAT environment, and then import verified FIX profiles into the production environment.


Algo Dashboard

Fixed a race condition that can occur when opening a workspace containing Algo Dashboard with running algos.