Release Notes

Production Environment

March 13, 2015

Latest Features

The following lists all new features and changes in the version released on March 13, 2015.

Added ability to clear all filters in Order Book, Fill Window, Audit Trail and Position Window.

The widget title bar now displays "Filters On" when a filter is applied in that widget.

Enhanced the grouped chart by adding the instrument name in the top left of the chart.

Fixed an issue where the date/time axis was not displaying on mobile charts.

Added the TIF column to the Risk Monitor order book to match the Trade application's order book columns.

When a filter is applied to a column in the Order Book, the filter icon appears and is highlighted.

There is a new User tab, Agreements, that lists the agreements that the user has signed, and has yet to sign. These agreements currently only apply to the CME market and will not affect users that do are not configured to view CME market data.

Updated the Company Profile menu and screens and added a company level option to disable order entry for all users.

"Company Profile" has been renamed "Global Settings"
The "Company Information" tab has been renamed "Company Settings"
On the renamed "Company Settings" tab, there is a new option, "Disable Trading (all users in all environments) that disables trading for all users in this company. Company admins that check this option will be prompted to confirm their action before trading is actually disabled.

For markets where TT is a market data vendor (currently CME) subscriber agreements may be required. The User->Exchange-CME tab now contains a column that lists whether the subscriber agreement is signed.

Changed the "Generate Position Record" field name to "Create start-of-day (SOD) records".

Removed the ‘Etc/GMT(+/-)’ timezones from the Account and User Position Settings.

CME market data users can now be set as Non-professional for CME billing purposes.
The new field is located on the Users->Exchanges->CME->Exchange Settings tab. Once set as non-professional, the non-professional agreement will be sent to the user's Agreements tab for the user to sign.

The User position record timezone, located on the User-> Settings tab, is now required.

Changed the behavior of Audit Trail so that the real-time stream of messages only include updates from Edge Server. A refresh icon is displayed in the lower right corner that when clicked loads all messages from Ledger.

A notification message will now display when attempting to save a workspace from an older, incompatible version.

If there are problems or delays with downloading the order book, a warning message will now display in Order Ticket and MD Trader, and order entry will be prevented until the downloading is complete.

​Added contextual search support to search within contexts such as Exchanges, Product Types and/or Product Symbols.​

The main title bar now displays a warning if there are in-flight order actions still waiting to be acknowledged.

Undisclosed quantities on slicer orders are now displayed in the "U" section of the MD Trader working order display field.

Added support for seeding a 2nd default quantity on order entry.

Fixed an issue that prevented accessing more than 200 instruments for a single product.

You can now add an entire product to an existing Time and Sales window.

Changed the product level display of flat to a dash versus a 0 which shows your net position across contracts is 0 through a combination of open long and open short positions.


The following lists all items that are fixed in the version releaased on March 13, 2015.

Fixed an issue resulting in an exception being thrown when a user who is not mapped to any accounts attempts to import an algo.

Fixed an issue where an error occurred when scrolling back on the chart to view more history.

Fixed an issue with the home button location in the chart when grouped with other widgets.

Fixed an issue where the property dialog box remained in a chart after adding a technical indicator when using Internet Explore.

Fixed an issue where technical indicators did not save as part of the workspace.

Fixed an issue where the user could not use the arrow key to select contracts in the search.

Fixed an issue where the "Clear Drawings" feature did not work.


Fixed an issue where the chart's prices inverted when compressing the price axis.


Fixed an issue where the toolbar in a chart did not activate.


Fixed an issue where a user could not edit the technical indicator's property window when the toolbar was visible.


Fixed an issue where the cross-hair cursor did not align correctly to the price axis.


Fixed a spacing issue when placing a sub-chart technical indicator at the top of the chart and the toolbar was displayed.


Fixed an issue where the home button on the chart did not appear after scrolling back.


Fixed a display issue when selecting 'Log Scale' from the menu.


Fixed an issue with the chart's text drawing tool.


Fixed an issue where charts saved in a work-space reverted to the default bar interval.


Fixed an issue where charts left open over the weekend did not update.


Fixed a data integrity issue when the chart was scrolled back and the time interval changed.


Fixed an issue where the search bar extended beyond the edge of a small chart.


Fixed an issue where Autospreader charts did not load on a mobile device.


Improved performance of the chart in mobile devices.


Added a "Modifier" column to the Risk Monitor order book to match existing Trade application order book columns.


Fixed an issue where a user was required when creating a manual fill. Manual fills can now be created for an account (regardless of user).


Rearranged the column order for the Positions tab to more closely match the Trade application's Positions widget.


Fixed an issue where newly created users, accounts, or connections were not sorted properly within the list of users, accounts, or connections, respectively.


Fixed an issue where a cloned account had the "Apply Limits" checkbox checked, even when the original account had the "Apply Limits" checkbox unchecked.


Fixed an issue where fill prices were not shared across shared order books.


Fixed an issue where the prices of some contracts were formatted incorrectly.


Selecting a working order in an Order Book that is part of a widget group will now update order entry widgets, e.g., Order Tickets and MD Traders, that are part of that same group.


Fixed an issue where the column header did not always display the yellow background highlight when a filter is applied in that column.


Fixed an issue where scrolling the mouse wheel in a price or quantity field would sometimes simultaneously scroll the entire workspace.


Fixed an issue that prevented Time and Sales windows from updating.