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Use the Exchanges tab to configure exchange-specific market data access. You can also configure order routing and user identification properties for exchanges that require these fields.

To configure user exchange access...

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Based on which exchange is selected, you may be able to allow/deny access to market data or product groups from individual markets or exchanges.

Settings vary by exchange. Click the following exchanges for details about configuring the related settings: ASX, BrokerTec, BVMF, CFE, CME, EEX, Eris, eSpeed, Eurex, Euronext, ICE, ICE_L, KCG, LME, MEFF, MX, NDAQ_EU, NFX, NLX, OSE, SGX, TFX, TOCOM.

  • If applicable to the selected exchange, click the Trader Ids tab and the Trader Id field to assign trader IDs to the user.

    If a trader ID is assigned to the exchange connection, the trader ID overrides the connection ID to identify the user at the exchange.

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  • If applicable to the selected exchange, click the Exchange Settings tab for the settings specific to that exchange (e.g., Support Waiver setting to waive market data fees).
  • Click Save Changes.