Users Overview

A "user" in the TT system represents a person who uses TT software. For example, a user may be a trader, a broker, or a risk administrator. Each user of TT software must exist in the system with a unique identifier (TT account).

New Users

You can add a new user to the system as a "provisional user" before inviting them to join your company. These provisional users may or may not have created a TT account. Users that have either not been invited to join your company or clearing firm, have not accepted, or have declined the invitation are considered provisional users in the system.

After adding the provisional user, an email invitation with a registration link can be sent to the provisional user for acceptance. You can configure risk settings and even share provisional users with other companies before sending the invitation. However, the users will not be able to log in and accept the invitation to your firm until they create a TT account.

The new user can create a TT account anytime before accepting an invite to join a "company." The user may have created a TT account already, or will be prompted to create a TT account before being presented with the option to join. After creating a TT account and logging in to the TT platform, the user can click the link in the invitation and accept it. A user is no longer considered "provisional" in your company after accepting your invitation and creating a TT account (i.e., registering as a user).

Users Tabs

Click the Users tab on the left navigation panel to add and administer users in your company. The following tabs appear on the Users screen when you select or create a user:

  • Profile — Add a new user and send an invitation, as well as administer existing users
  • Settings — Configure company administrator and individual user permissions
  • Accounts — Assign accounts to a user, as well as administer existing accounts
  • Exchanges — Configure exchange access for a user
  • Limits — Set user-level risk limits
  • Custom Fields — Assign and add labels and values specific to users in your company
  • Agreements — Verify, review, and approve agreements with exchanges (e.g., CME Market Data agreements)
  • Environments — Manage user access to trading environments
  • FIX Sessions — Assign a FIX order routing session to a user
  • Login History — View a user's history of logging in to your company
  • IP Address Restrictions — Prevent users in your company from logging in to TT from any unauthorized locations
  • App Keys — Create and manage application keys for logging in to TT with your own trading application
  • Access Lines — Verify a company user's access to TT
  • Account Administration — Set up different administrative roles for users in your company.
  • Change Logs — View and download changes to users in your company