Accounts overview

Not all exchanges require an account for trading, but accounts are required for order routing when using the Trade application on the TT Platform.

In User Setup, you can create and manage accounts to meet the risk management needs specific to your company. Accounts can be actual traded accounts, sub accounts that are assigned to traders, risk accounts that represent external clients or internal groups, sub accounts that have different exchange settings, etc. Accounts may represent an individual or a client company of a broker firm or FCM. For FIX sessions, the account is typically sent to the exchange on an order as FIX Tag 1 and allows a clearing broker to identify a trade.

To create and manage the accounts in your trading environment, click Accounts from the left navigation pane. At the top of the screen, click +New Account to create an account or select an existing account from the Accounts Grid.

The following tabs appear on the Accounts screen when you select or create an account:

  • Settings — Create an account, configure account settings (order routing, account name, account type, etc.), and clone, delete, or move an account
  • Users — Assign users to an account
  • Limits — Set account risk limits
  • SOD/Credit — Set the account position reset time, automatic SOD functionality, and daily credit limit
  • Connections — Assign connections to an account
  • Exchanges — Configure exchange-specific account properties
  • FIX Sessions — Assign FIX sessions to an account
  • Restrictions — Set account restrictions
  • Algo Settings — Allows you to set algo risk checks.

    Note: This tab is only visible when Enable algo risk checks is set on the Company | Company Settings tab.

  • Sharing — Share accounts with other companies
  • Change Logs — View and download changes to accounts in your company