Configuring account exchange properties

Use the Exchange Properties tab to configure exchange-specific account properties, such as account code mappings and clearing instructions for exchanges that have specific order routing requirements per account.

To configure account exchange properties:

  1. Click Accounts in the left navigation pane and select an account in the data grid.
  2. Click the Exchanges tab for the selected account.
  3. Click the Select an Exchange selector to find and select an exchange.
  4. Configure the settings in the Exchange Properties section.

    Settings vary by exchange. Click the following exchanges for details about configuring the related settings: ASX, ATHEX, BIST, BrokerTec, B3, CBOE, CEDX, CFE, Coinbase, DGCX, EEX, Eris, Fenics, Eurex, Euronext, FEX,HKEx, ICE, ICE_L, IDEM, JPX, JSE, LME, LSE, MEFF, MexDer, MX, NDAQ_EU, NFI, NFX, Nodal, SGX, SGX GIFT City, TAIFEX, TFX, TFEX

  5. Click Save Changes.