Sharing an account

Using the Sharing tab for a selected account, a company can share accounts and corresponding sub-accounts with other companies.

Note: Companies that you share an account with will not be able to change account settings, risk limits, or connections, and they will not be able to assign users directly to the shared account. Instead, companies that you share the account with must create sub-accounts with the shared account as the parent. This allows the companies to set additional limits and permissions for their own accounts, while still being subject to limits you set on the shared parent account.

To share an account with a company:

  1. Click Accounts in the left navigation pane and select an account in the data grid.
  2. Click the Sharing tab.
  3. In the Company Relationships section, click +Add.

    The Select Companies screen appears.

  4. Scroll to a company in the Select Companies screen.

    If the company does not appear in the list, please contact your TT Onboarding Manager or the TT Onboarding Group:

  5. If the company that you will share the account with will be acting as an introducing broker click Introducing Broker.

    For example, if the account should appear to traders with the shared-with company's name, while your company still maintains full ownership and risk controls, check the Introducing Broker option when sharing the account. This allows the introducing broker (shared-with) company to set additional limits and permissions for their own sub-accounts assigned to your shared parent account, while still being subject to limits set on the shared account.

  6. Click Select.

    The shared-with company appears in the Company Relationships section.