Risk Limits

Risk Limits

Configuring algo risk settings

As a company administrator, you can control the number of order actions (add and change) as well as the number of cancels submitted by Autospreader and TT Order Type parent orders per millisecond. If the maximum number of actions set for the account is exceeded within the one millisecond timeframe, the parent order will fail.

To control this parent order behavior per account, enable the risk settings on the Accounts | Algo Settings tab.

Note: To display and use the Algo Settings tab, you must first check the Enable algo risk checks checkbox on the Company Settings | Settings tab.

To configure algo risk settings:

  1. Click Accounts in the left navigation pane and select an account in the data grid.
  2. Click the Algo Settings tab.
  3. Configure the parameters in the Algo Settings section.

    Set one or both of the following risk settings:

    • Max number of cancels per instance — Sets the maximum allowed cancels per millisecond that do not originate from a parent order.
    • Max number of updates per instance — Sets the maximum number of order updates (add, change) allowed per parent order instance per millisecond.

    Note: These checks are applied to a parent order instance for the lifetime of the order. If you modify either of these risk settings, the changes will be applied to subsequent parent order instances.

  4. Click Save Changes.