TT Access

TT Access

Verifying access lines

On the User | Access Lines tab, you can verify a company user's access to TT. In the Lines section on this tab, you can view a list of URLs and connection types that a user in your company has available for accessing the TT platform. When a user logs in to TT, the user connects to Edge Servers in co-located TT Data Centers via the URLs in their list of access lines.

When you enable private line access or enable a registered Edge Server Price Proxy, the URLs for those connections to TT will appear in the data grid on the Access Lines tab. Direct connections and Web Proxy connections to TT via the Internet are also displayed on this tab. If the user is added to a connectivity user group, those URLs appear on the user's Access Lines tab.

To verify access line settings, click the User | Access Lines tab.

Each line shows the URL, line type, and weight. The weight value indicates the Trade application preference for selecting the URL when connecting to TT: the higher the number the higher the preference before moving on to the next URL.