Options Chain

Options Chain

Creating a strategy in the Options Chain (new)

From the Options Chain, you can create a synthetic options spread as a user-defined strategy in the Strategy Creation widget. These spreads can be published to the market by the exchange and made available from trading in the current trading session.

To create a strategy in the Options Chain:

  1. Click an options spread building button (e.g., Custom).

    Tip: You can also press and hold the Ctrl key (control or command key for Mac OS) to enter spread building mode.

  2. Click an options Bid price to add a Buy leg or Ask price to add a Sell leg to the strategy.

    Tip: Multiple clicks on a Bid/Ask price will increment the leg ratio of the strategy.

  3. Click Submit (or release the Ctrl key).

    The Strategy Creation widget opens seeded with the options contracts, ratio, and Buy/Sell direction for each options leg.

  4. In the Strategy Creation widget, modify the strategy legs as needed (price, ratio, etc.) and click Create to submit your options strategy to the exchange.