Working with widget groups

After you create a widget group, you can use tabs within the group as well as minimize the group like it was a single widget.

Creating a widget group

To create a widget group:

  1. Open the widgets you want to put into a group.

  2. Right-click in the title bar of a widget, and select Create group widget.

  3. Drag the widget next to another widget, matching the edge color.

    The two widgets are combined into a single widget.

  4. Move the new grouped widget to the desired location.

Saving a custom widget

To save a custom widget:

  1. Create a widget group with the desired widgets. In this case, you create a group from the Market Grid, Order Ticket, and Order Book widgets, as shown.

  2. In the custom widget, right-click in the title bar and select Save as custom widget from the menu.

  3. In the Save Custom Widget dialog, enter the following information for your custom widget:

    • Name for the widget, which is used in the widget title bar and in the Widgets menu.
    • In which search results you want the custom widget to appear.
    • Which icon you want to represent your custom widget.

    • Click Save Widget.

  4. If you want this widget to appear as an icon in search results, set it as a favorite in the Widgets menu.

Minimizing widgets in a widget group

In the widget group, right-click in the widget you want to minimize, and select Minimize Panel from the menu.

The selected widget collapses into a bar.

To restore the widget, click on the minimized widget bar.


Minimized widgets remain open and run until they are deleted. For best application performance, delete any unneeded widgets before saving your workspace. When you open a saved workspace containing more than 10 widgets, a pop up with a warning will appear, showing the count of minimized widgets and a message warning that running unused widgets may affect performance.

Clicking Remove all minimized widgets will clear the workspace of any widgets not showing onscreen.

Removing a widget from a widget group

In the widget group, right-click in the widget you want to minimize, and select Pop-out Panel from the menu.

The selected widget reverts to a separate widget, leaving the rest of the widget group intact.