Organizing the Widgets menu

Selecting favorite widgets for the menu

To add a widget to the favorites section of the menu:

  1. Locate the desired widget in the appropriate widget category sub-menu.

  2. Click the favorite indicator to select it.

    The widget is added to the end of the favorites section of the menu.

To remove a widget from the favorites section:

  1. Hover the mouse over the right-edge of the widget you want to remove.

  2. Click the favorite indicator.

    The widget is removed from the favorites section. However, it is still located in its widget category sub-menu, with its favorite icon disabled.

    Note: If you remove a favorite, its icon no longer appears as launch options in the product and instrument search results.

Rearranging the menu favorites

To rearrange the items in the favorites section:

  1. Press and hold the mouse button on the widget you want to move.

  2. Drag the widget to the desired location in the favorites section.

  3. Release the mouse button.

Note: When displaying multiple widget icons in search results, they are shown in the new order they appear in the menu.