Configuring widget columns

Configuring widget columns

Resizing column widths

When opening the widget, the default column widths might be too narrow to display all of their content. You can manually resize a single column by dragging a column separater bar, as shown.

You can also change the width of all columns in the widget so that each column is wide enough to show its full value. To resize all column widths to fit the data:

  1. Right-click on any column heading to display the column heading context menu.

  2. Select Fit all columns to content.

    All of the column widths in the widget change to fit the widest value in their respective columns. Some of the right-most columns might no longer be visible, but you an resize the widget manually, as desired.

Choosing columns, bold settings, and text alignment

You can choose which columns you want to display in a grid-based widget's Settings, or you can use the context menu from the widget's column headings. You can also set the bold font and text alignment for each column.

Note: If the widget level bold setting is enabled, the column-level bold option is not available.

To configure the columns you want to show:

  1. Click the right-mouse button in the title of a column and select Edit columns from the context menu.

    The available columns dialog appears.

  2. Select the columns you want to display.
  3. To set bold font for a column, click next to a column in the context menu. When bold is active for a column, the button will be highlighted ().
  4. To set the text alignment for a column, click to the right of the column name to cycle through the left, centered, and right text alignment settings. You can also adjust the arrangement of your columns by clicking and dragging each column name.
  5. Click OK