Widgets context menus

All widgets have a context menu that can be displayed by right-clicking the widget's titlebar. A similar context menu is also available from within the widget.

The following settings are provided:

  • Create group widget: Combines multiple widgets into a single widget group.

  • Save as Custom widget: Saves a widget group as a custom widget that is added to the Widgets menu.

  • Clone widget: Opens a duplicate copy of the selected widget.

  • Rename widget: Allows you to create a custom name for the widget.

  • Set always on top: Sets the widget to display "always on top" of other widgets. To disable this setting, select Remove always on top.

  • Send to: Moves the widget to another workspace window (shown only when the workspace has more than one window).

  • Contact support: Opens a Feedback widget for contacting TT Customer Support.

  • Zoom: Zooms the view of the selected widget.

  • Settings: WidgetName: Opens a Settings dialog to let you customize the internal settings of the selected widget or to define new defaults for all widgets of the same type.

Note: Some widgets, such as MD Trader, support additional context menus for different areas within the widget.