Widgets Overview

The TT trading application consists of several widgets that provide various functionalities, such as market data displays and order entry capabilities. You can customize your trading experience by opening one or more widgets and configuring each widget to meet your needs.

You can open a widget as follows:

  • Select a widget from the Widgets menu
  • Search for an instrument and open a widget
  • Find an instrument in the Market Explorer and open a widget
  • Open a widget from another widget


Several widgets, such as the Market Grid, Order Book, and Fills widgets, support tabs that allow you to provide multiple views of the data within a widget. For example, in an MD Trader widget, you could add tabs to show different instruments within a single widget instead of opening separate widgets for each instrument. In a Fills widget, you could use tabs to filter fills so that each tab contains fills only for a specific account or by contract, as shown.