Drag-and-drop instruments between widgets

You can drag-and-drop a single instrument or multiple instruments between grid-based widgets. To drag-and-drop a single instrument: select the instrument in the source widget, then drag-and-drop it to another widget.

See also: Copying order data

To drag-and-drop multiple instruments: select each instrument in the source widget using a mouse drag, Shift-click, or Ctrl-click, then drag-and-drop the instruments to another widget.

Widget sources include:

  • Market Grid
  • Order Book
  • Fills
  • Audit Trail
  • Watch List
  • Options Trade Monitor
  • RFQ Viewer

Widget drop locations include:

  • Market Grid
  • MD Trader
  • Chart
  • Watch List
  • Strategy Creation
  • Block Trader
  • Time and Sales
  • Autospreader/Aggregator Leg Builder