TT Order Types

TT Order Types

TT Order Type Templates

TT Order Types provide the ability to create and manage order templates. These templates allow you to save frequently-used order settings for future use. For example, suppose you created a set of order parameters designed for different instruments, but do not want to change the instrument each time that you submit the order. Instead, you can change the instrument variable and save the order parameters as a new template.

Select Template

Note: All TT Order Type templates are private and cannot be seen or used by others. Although templates are private, users sharing an order book can manage (Pause/Run) and manipulate order variables once the owner has placed an order with a template.

Configuring Order Type Template Time Settings

Templates for time-based order types now save the date as an offset. For example, if the template's start date occurs in the past, the order template automatically updates to the correct date.