TT Uncovered

TT Uncovered

Enabling User Access

Access Overview

Prior to using the TT Uncovered application, administrators and users must complete the following tasks:

  • The administrator must enable and configure the trader as an active user on the TT Platform. This includes performing the following in TT's Setup application:
    1. Sending the trader an invitation to the TT Platform.
    2. Ensuring the trader has a TT Pro license.
    3. Enabling market data for the user.
    4. Enabling RFQs (Request for Quotes) in the user's trade permissions.
    5. Assigning the user a TT trading account.
  • In addition, the user must complete the following:
    1. Accept the invitation to the TT platform.
    2. Create and save a unique application key with the PS-Uncovered usage plan.
    3. Download and install the TT Uncovered software package.

In addition, users must meet the System Requirements and TT Infrastructure access listed in the Prerequisites and Requirements section of the TT .NET SDK help.

Configuring User Access

Before you begin, ensure that you are in the same trading environment (e.g., Prod Live) you wish to trade.

Creating a user and setting user permissions

Each trader in your firm needs to be added as a "user" in TT. Market data is also enabled per user. After these steps are completed, the user is able to trade on TT.

To create a user:

  1. In TT's Setup application, use the New User functionality to add the user into the system. For more information, refer to Adding a new user in the Setup help.

  2. Send the user an invitation to join your company in Setup. Refer to the Sending an invitation section for more information.

  3. On the Settings tab in Setup, set the user's Trade Mode to TT Pro.

  4. On the Permissions tab in Setup, check the Request for Quote (RFQ) checkbox to enable RFQ functionality and verify the Disable Trading setting remains unchecked.

  5. On the Accounts tab, assign the user a trading account. For more information, refer to the Assigning accounts to a user section of the help.
  6. Enable market data for the user using the Exchanges tab. Select the desired exchange from the dropdown (e.g., CME) and use the SDK Client Market Data tab to allow specific markets and set the number of concurrent sessions. For information, refer to Configuring User Exchange Access.

Obtaining an Application Key and the Software Package

Before you begin, ensure that you are in the same trading environment (e.g., Prod Live) you wish to trade.

Application Key

To use TT Uncovered, you must create a unique application key with the following settings:
  • Application Key Type: Must be set to TT.NET SDK Client Side.
  • Application Key Usage Plan: Must be set to PS-Uncovered

Note: When creating a new application key, you will be given both the appkey and secret key. You will need both parts of the application key to login to TT Uncovered. Make sure you copy the appkey and secret and paste into a secure place to save for future use.

Note: You will incur a monthly fee for each application key that you create.

Other application keys do not work with TT Uncovered. For more information on obtaining and configuring your application key, refer to the Authenticating a TT .NET SDK Application in the TT .NET SDK help.

TT Uncovered Software Package

TT provides the latest version of the TT Uncovered application via the Overview page on this site. Click the following link to access the latest version of the TT Uncovered software package: