TT Uncovered

TT Uncovered

TT Uncovered Overview

Introduction to TT Uncovered

The TT Uncovered application seeks enhanced pricing and liquidity in CME options and options strategies by implying prices from a range of delta neutral Covered User Defined Spreads (UDS), and looking for opportunities where trading the Covered UDS and subsequently trading away the covering futures allocation offers competitive liquidity to the direct quote. The application displays a synthetic Best Bid/Offer (BBO) based on the UDS markets and allows the user to efficiently act on pricing opportunities within the direct option BBO.

TT Uncovered consists of three windows:

  • Login Window: allows for the user to enter their secret app key, select the trading environment they are targeting, and choose the desired price display format.
  • Main Window: allows for order entry and management and provides information on working and filled orders.
  • Synthetic Quote Definition Window: allows for the configuration of synthetic quotes on options and option strategies.

Prior to using TT Uncovered, administrators and users must complete the tasks listed in the Enabling User Access section.

Accessing Log Files

TT logs messages for your application and stores them in the '\Users\ <user>\Documents\TradingTechnologies\Logs\TTUncovered\' directory. These logs will need to be provided to TT in the event that assistance is required to troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter. There is also a link in the bottom right corner of the main window that will open an instance of Windows Explorer in this logs directory.

TT Uncovered Software Package

TT provides the latest version of the TT Uncovered application at the link below. It is important to stay current on all of the latest changes that TT makes to the TT Uncovered application. You can subscribe for automated email notifications when new versions of this application are released by clicking the 'Subscribe' button on the TT Release Notes web page.

TT Uncovered Latest Version

To download and install the TT Uncovered:

  1. Press the link above or right-click on the link and select 'Download File As...'.
  2. Once the download completes, double-click the file to decompress the contents. This creates a folder that contains the package.
  3. Move the folder to our desired location.
  4. The latest version of the TT Uncovered package is now ready to use.