TT Mobile on iOS



Markets displays a summary of market data for instruments you have added. It allows you to quickly check the status of the markets for various instruments. In addition to outright instruments, you can add exchange-traded spreads and synthetic spreads.

For each instrument, Markets displays the following data:

  • Contract name
  • Bid and ask prices at the inside market
  • Opening price
  • Last-traded price (LTP)
  • Change in price since the open

Additionally, the following visual clues help you see market movement:

  • The blue and red line represents the day's trading range relative to the inside market and last traded price.
  • The vertical white bar in the line indicates the opening price.
  • LTP indicator for the last trade. The yellow triangle pointing up or down indicates the LTP changed and in which direction it changed; while a white square indicates that the LTP did not change.
  • If present, the dots at the right side indicate whether you have working buy (blue) and sell (red) orders.