TT Mobile on iOS



Tap Fills from the main menu to view all of your fills for current and previous trading sessions. Scroll to and tap a fill to view its details.

The background color for each Fill indicates if it's a buy (blue background) or sell (red background). Manual fills have a white background with a text color that indicates if the fill is either a buy (blue text) or sell (red text).

Fill Alerts

TT Mobile provides you with the ability to receive fill alerts for full or partial fills. To enable fill alerts, go the main menu and tap Settings | NOTIFICATIONS.

Note: Fill alerts are enabled on your TT Mobile application only, and not on an external alerts server. You will only receive fill alerts while logged in to your TT Mobile app.

As your orders are filled, an alert is displayed at the bottom of your TT Mobile screen. One alert is shown at a time.

Each fill alert shows the side (blue for Buy and red for Sell), fill quantity, fill price, exchange, contract, and account name.