ADL Basic Concepts

ADL Basic Concepts

User-defined variables

A user-defined variable is setting for certain blocks that lets the trader set a block value when starting an algo. User-defined variables help you create multi-purpose algos than can be configured dynamically and differently each time the algo is used. The following blocks can be designated as variable blocks:

By setting one or more of these blocks as user-defined variables, you create an algo that can be used for different instrument, prices, and quantities. User-defined variables appear as algo parameters in Algo Dashboard and Autotrader widgets in the Trade app.

User-defined variables in Algo Dashboard

Additionally, some variable blocks can be linked to Microsoft Office Excel, allowing the trader to alter the block's value directly through an Excel sheet (see Excel Integration with TT for more information).

When a block is designated as a user-defined variable, its information appears as a new entry in the Variables tab of the Information Panel, allowing you to reconfigure the name, value, type, and the description of the variable during development.

User-defined variables in the Variables tab

Note The value of a user-defined Instrument block cannot be altered while the algorithm is running; it must be set prior to the launch of the algorithm.