Risk Administration

Risk Administration

Uploading an SOD file

As a Company Administrator, you can use the Data Uploads page to upload a Start-of-Day (SOD) position file in the CSV or GMI format.

When uploaded, the Setup app reads the values of the file and publishes the SOD position to the account listed in the file. SOD position files can be uploaded to parent, child, or shared accounts as long as they are owned by your Company.

To upload a Start-of-Day position file:

  1. Click Company Settings | Data Uploads in left navigation pane.
  2. Click + New Upload.
  3. In the Upload File dialog box, select a Start-of-day Records as the file type and CSV or GMI as the file format.
  4. Click Choose file to browse to and select a file.

  5. Optionally, check Continue on Error.

    When this option is checked (enabled), Setup continues uploading data regardless of how many upload errors may be logged and shown in the Upload Errors section. By default, this option is unchecked (disabled) and the upload stops when the first error is detected.

  6. Click Upload.

    A record of the uploaded file and its status appears in the grid. Click the checkbox next to the record to review the Output section, which displays how many rows of the file are processed. Any errors that occur during the upload will appear in an Error section on this page.

    Note: If there are multiple rows in the SOD file, the last row will overwrite the first.

Finding the Instrument ID

Contract instrument IDs for each product can be found by accessing the market data explorer (New Limit screen) when adding user or account limits. The instrument ID needs to be entered in the Instrument column in the SOD position file.

To find the instrument ID:

  1. Click Limits on the Users or Accounts tab in the left navigation pane.
  2. In the Limits section that appears, click +Add.
  3. Select an exchange, product type, product, and instrument in the New Limit screen that appears.

    When the instrument is selected, the instrument ID appears in the bottom left-corner of the New Limit screen.

Deleting a Start-of-Day Position Record

Note: Deleting a Start-of-Day position record does not delete the uploaded Start-of-Day position. To remove a Start-of-Day position, either manually offset the position using the Monitor app, or upload a Start-of-Day file with a Quantity of 0.

To delete a Start-of-Day position upload record, click Data Uploads, click the checkbox next to the record and click Delete. The system will prompt you to confirm that you want to delete the record.