Drawing tools

TT provides a number of powerful drawing tools to help you discover trends in the market.

When you select a drawing tool, that particular tool is enabled until you select a different tool or select None from the Drawing Tools menu.

In addition, you may reset the chart and remove all drawings, lines, annotation, etc. by selecting Clear Drawings.

To add a drawing tool, right-click in the widget and select Drawing Tool. To remove a drawing tool, select None. Right-clicking an existing drawing allows you to delete the drawing.


Select None to deactivate all drawing tools.


When enabled, the Crosshairs tool follow your cursor placement with an intersecting horizontal and vertical lines.

You may disable crosshairs by selecting None in the Drawing Tools menu.


You may add text-based notes anywhere on the chart by selecting Annotation from the Drawing Tools menu.

Once enabled, left-clicking the chart opens a text box that allows you to add and save the annotation.


Selecting Fibonacci allows you to draw a grid that divides the selected area into Fibonacci ratios.

Left-click the desired midpoint on the chart and move your cursor to align the grid into the desired position.


The Horizontal tool draws a straight, horizontal line when you left-click the desired point on the chart.


The Vertical tool draws a straight, vertical line when you left-click the desired point on the chart.


When enabled, the Continuous tools allows you to draw multiple, connected line segements on the chart.

Selecting a new tool will automatically delete the final line from the chart.


Left-click the desired midpoint on the chart to use the Line tool to draw a straight, continuous line that is centered on the selected midpoint.


The Ray tool allows you to draw a continuous line that begins at the point you left-click on the chart.


Use the Segment tool to draw a short line segment between two points on the chart.


Use the Rectangle tool to shade a rectuangular region of the chart.


Left-click a midpoint to enable the Ellipsse tool to draw an elliptical region centered around the selected point.

Move your cursor to change the size and direction of the region.

Clear Drawings

Select Clear Drawing to delete all drawings from the chart.