TT® FIX Inbound Drop Copy

Trade Capture Report Request Ack (AQ) Message

Trade Capture Report Request Ack (AQ) Message

Trade Capture Report Request Ack (AQ) Message


Used to acknowledge the receipt of a trade capture report request from a counterparty

Message Direction

From FIX client to TT FIX

Tag Directory

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Supported Tags

Tag # Field Name Req’d Data type Comments
Component: <Standard Header>
Y 35=AQ (MsgType)
For additional information about this component group, consult the full documentation.
Tag # Field Name Req’d Data type Comments
8 BeginString Y String

FIX protocol version

The tag indicates the beginning of a new message. This tag must be the first tag in the message.

You must set the value to FIX.4.2 or FIX.4.4.

9 BodyLength Y int

Message length (in characters)

The value represents number of characters in the message following this tag up to, and including, the delimiter immediately preceding Tag 10 (CheckSum). This tag must be the second field in a message.

35 MsgType Y String

Type of message contained in the message body

This tag must appear third in the list of header tags.

Possible values include:

  • 0: Heartbeat
  • 1: Test Request
  • 2: Resend Request
  • 3: Reject
  • 4: Sequence Reset
  • 5: Logout
  • 8: Execution Report
  • 9: Order Cancel Reject
  • A: Logon
  • B: News
  • c: Security Definition Request
  • D: Order Single
  • d: Security Definition
  • e: Security Status Request
  • f: Security Status
  • F: Order Cancel Request
  • G: Order Cancel Replace Request
  • H: Order Status Request
  • Q: Don't Know Trade (Inbound Drop Copy only)
  • R: Quote Request
  • V: Market Data Request
  • W: Market Data Snapshot Full Refresh
  • X: Market Data Incremental Refresh
  • Y: Market Data Request Reject
  • AD: Trade Capture Report Request
  • AE: Trade Capture Report
  • AQ: Trade Capture Report Request Ack
49 SenderCompID Y String

ID for the FIX client, corresponding to the RemoteCompID specified for the user in TT User Setup

56 TargetCompID Y String

TT session identity

TT FIX does not validate this field. To guarantee session persistence, the FIX client must maintain the same value of this field for the life of the session.

You can use any value in this tag to identify the TT session for the FIX client. TT FIX will return this value in tag 49 (SenderCompID) in its responses.

50 SenderSubID N String

Unique ID for the message sender

For order routing messages, this tag overrides the exchange Operator ID configured in Setup.

57 TargetSubID C String

Unique ID for the message receiver.

Condition: If the Target Sub Id field has a value for the FIX Session in Setup, you must supply that value is this tag for a Logon (A) message.

116 OnBehalfOfSubID C String

Unique Trader ID

The value maps to the Alias field configured for a user in Setup.

Condition: Required when multiple users are associated with the account.

34 MsgSeqNum Y SeqNum

Message sequence number

142 SenderLocationID N string Specific message originator's location (i.e. geographic location and/or desk, trader)
43 PossDupFlag C Boolean

Whether the sequence number for this message is already used

Possible values include:

  • Y: Possible duplicate
  • N: Original transmission

Condition: Must send when a FIX client resends messages

Note: If 43=Y is present, TT will reject New Order Single (D), Order Cancel/Replace Request (G), New Order Multileg (AB), and Multileg Order Cancel/Replace (AC) messages with a Business Message Reject (j) message.

122 OrigSendingTime C UTCTimestamp

Original time of message transmission, when transmitting orders as the result of a resend request

Always expressed in UTC.

Condition: Required for resent messages

52 SendingTime Y UTCTimestamp

Time, in UTC, the message was sent.

568 TradeRequestID N String

Trade Request ID

569 TradeRequestType N int

Type of Trade Capture Report:

  • 0: All trades
  • 1: Matched trades matching criteria provided on request
  • 2: Unmatched trades that match criteria
  • 3: Unreported trades that match criteria
  • 4: Advisories that match criteria

749 TradeRequestResult N int

Result of Trade Request:

  • 0: Successful
  • 1: Invalid or unknown instrument
  • 2: Invalid type requested
  • 3: Invalid parties
  • 4: Invalid transport type requested
  • 5: Invalid destination requested
  • 8: Trade Request Type not supported
  • 9: Unauthorized for Trade Capture Report Request
  • 99: Other

750 TradeRequestStatus N int

Status of Trade Request

  • 0: Accepted
  • 1: Completed
  • 2: Rejected

58 Text N String

Additional information about the message.

Component: <Standard Trailer>
Y For additional information about this component group, consult the full documentation.
Tag # Field Name Req’d Data type Comments
10 Checksum Y String

Unencrypted three-character checksum

This tag must always be the last field in a message (i.e. it serves, with the trailing <SOH>, as the end-of-message delimiter).