TT® FIX Inbound Drop Copy

TT FIX schema

TT FIX schema

System overview

The TT FIX service allows customers to receive real-time copies of all of their orders submitted through the TT platform, along with their corresponding fills. To use this service, customers must develop FIX clients capable of connecting to and communicating with the TT FIX.

TT FIX supports a subset of the FIX protocol (Version 4.2 with Errata 20010501 and Version 4.4) message types and tags within its message types. Refer to the website for additional FIX tag descriptions and message definitions. Both production and UAT versions of the TT FIX schema are available for download at the following link:

The second line of each TT FIX schema file contains an XML comment that identifies the schema's publication date and internal version information, similar to the following.

<!-- TT FIX Version: UAT 2024-07-01 Git:16bc4b86e3c94bef40c3dc55c5314c16df9c9930 MD5:998190c7d44e5636f42569d1279400ee -->

Note: TT FIX supports only those messages and tags described in this document. Do not submit other messages or tags to TT FIX, as doing so can produce unexpected results.