TT® FIX Inbound Drop Copy

Primary and Backup Locations for Exchange Drop Copies

Primary and Backup Locations for Exchange Drop Copies

TT networking has specific locations designated for connectivity from TT to specific exchange drop copy services. FIX Inbound Drop Copy (IBDC) sessions should be configured in the Setup application with the Primary Data Center location noted below.

Inbound Drop Copy (IBDC) Sub Type Primary Data Center Backup Data Center
ASX Drop Copy Sydney Singapore
CME (Drop Copy) New York Chicago
CME STP New York Chicago
Euronext Drop Copy Frankfurt London
Generic FIX, Persistent Session Varies by client Varies by client
ICE Chicago New York
MX Drop Copy New York Chicago
SGX GIFT City Singapore Sydney

The Backup location is available for use in case of an extended loss of connectivity between the exchange's primary location and TT.

To switch to the backup data center location on an active FIX Inbound Drop Copy (IBDC) Session:

  1. In Setup, press More in the left-hand navigation and select FIX Sessions.

  2. Select the desired FIX session.

  3. Check the Inactive checkbox in the Status section to disable the FIX Session. Press the Save Changes button.

  4. In the Data Center drop-down, select the Backup data center location for the Sub Type as shown in the table above. Press the Save Changes button

  5. Wait 30 seconds. Then uncheck the Inactive checkbox to set the FIX Session to active and press the Save Changes button

The session will immediately reconnect, resynchronize FIX message sequence numbers and request resend of any missed messages as oer the exchange's FIX RoE to resume processing incoming messages.