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TT Platform

TT Pro Advanced Features

The TT platform offers three trade modes that can be configured by your company administrator: TT Pro, TT Standard, and TT Standard (View-only). While the TT Pro and TT Standard modes allow order routing in all environments, the TT Standard (View-only) mode does not.

Both TT and TT Pro are feature-rich solutions for professional traders who need access to the global derivatives markets. Users that upgrade to TT Pro can access all of the high-performance features listed below.

If you choose to "Go Pro," the following additional functionality will be available when you are configured in the "TT Pro" trade mode vs. the "TT Standard" or "TT Standard (View-only)" mode in your LIVE trading environment:

Functionality Description
Automated spreading trading tools

Access TT Pro's cutting edge automated spread trading tools including:

  • Autospreader ®: create and trade your own synthetic calendar, inter-product, or inter-exchange spreads. You can define the legs of the spread, then preview the implied market for the spread based on the outright legs.
  • Autotrader ™: offers an Excel-like interface to launch and manage algos.
  • Autospreader Rules: design your own custom rules and features and add them to a spread.
  • Aggregator: combines similar contracts in multiple markets on one trading interface (MD Trader) to help users achieve the best price.
  • Hedge Manager: displays all of your Autospreader hedge orders in a single widget and gives you the ability to act on unfilled hedge orders in various ways.
Algorithmic trading tools

Create, launch, and manage custom algos using the following tools:

  • Algo Dashboard: deploy, launch, and manage algos built using various tools such as ADL and TTSDK. Using the Algo Dashboard, you can launch an algo, modify the algo's settings, and select a co-located data center nearest the exchange to execute your strategy.
  • ADL: a visual programming platform that represents a major breakthrough in algorithmic trading. Using drag-and-drop building blocks, traders and programmers alike can rapidly design, test and deploy automated futures and options trading programs without writing a single line of code.

Note: When you "Go Pro" as an active user, you will be billed at a higher rate for the month in which you've been enabled for Pro features.

TT Pro vs. TT Standard

Use the table below as a quick reference for what TT functionality is available in TT Pro vs. TT Standard.

Note: Advanced options features can be enabled for both TT Pro and TT Standard users. Refer to Advanced Options Features for more details.

Widget TT Pro TT Standard
MD Trader®
Market Grid
Time & Sales
Order Book
Audit Trail
Spread Matrix ✔*
Trader Analytics
Orders and Fills
Algo Dashboard
Autospreader® Rules
Hedge Manager
Options Chain
Strategy Creation
RFQ Viewer
Account List
Alert Manager
Alert Viewer
Position Manager
* Note: Spread Matrix does not include Autospreader or Custom spread building in TT Standard.