Autospreader Rules

Autospreader Rules

Autospreader rules overview

Use Autospreader Rules to design your own custom spreading logic and features and add them to a spread. While the default Autospreader Server uses conventional spreading logic, the custom rules that you design will override or add to this default spread engine behavior.

The rules that you create can be added at three critical points of a spread life cycle:

  • Before adding/changing a quoting order
  • Before adding hedge orders
  • After adding hedge orders (i.e., managing hedge orders)

TT provides some commonly-used rules that you can add to your spread configuration. You can also create a rule or select a rule that was shared with you by your administrator. To create or add a rule, click the + button in the Rules field.

For a description of each TT rule, refer to Rule descriptions.

Launch the widget by clicking the Widgets menu in the title bar and selecting Autospreader Rules.

Autospreader Rules functionality

After you open the Autospreader Rules widget, it displays the list of rules you've created, as well as the default TT rules that are available as part of the TT platform

The Autospreader Rules widget provides the following functions:

  • Create — Opens an Autospreader Rules configuration interface for creating a new rule.
  • Edit (icon) — Opens an Autospreader Rules configuration interface for modifying an existing rule
  • Copy — Allows you to select and copy an existing rule. The rule can then be modified and renamed as needed.
  • Delete — Allows you to select and delete a rule.
  • Filter list — Allows you to enter a rule name, description, or date and filter the list of rules.