Spread Matrix

Spread Matrix

Creating spreads in Spread Matrix

When you enter a spread order for an inter-product spread in Spread Matrix, Autospreader® automatically creates a synthetic instrument for the spread.

  1. Left-click in a market data cell for a spread in the matrix to open your default floating order entry widget (MD Trader® or Order Ticket).

    Tip: You can also right-click in a market data cell for a spread in the matrix, click Open... in the context menu, and select MD Trader® or Order Ticket.

  2. Enter an order in MD Trader® or the Order Ticket for the spread.

    After entering the order, Spread Matrix creates a synthetic inter-product spread instrument that can be managed and edited in the Autospreader® Manager.

    Note: The synthetic inter-product spread also appears in the Autospreader tab in Spread Matrix.

Creating an inter-product spread using Edit Spread...

Note: The Edit Spread... context menu option is only available when viewing an inter-product spread matrix.

  1. Right-click in a market data cell for a spread in the matrix.
  2. Click Edit Spread... in the context menu.

    The Autospreader® Configuration dialog opens seeded with the spread contract months that you selected. The inter-product spread name is created by the Autospreader® functionality in Spread Matrix:

    Note: The Edit Spread... setting is only available for synthetic inter-product spreads or spreads created via the Custom tab in Spread Matrix.

  3. Configure the spread settings if needed and click Save.

    If desired, you can change the spread name to a user-defined name. After saving, the spread appears in the Autospreader® Manager.