Spread Matrix

Spread Matrix

Opening Spread Matrix

Use the Exchange-listed tab to open a spread matrix for an exchange-listed calendar spread.

  1. Open the Spread Matrix widget.
  2. Click the Exchange-listed tab in the Add Tab dialogue.

  3. Enter a product in the Search for products box or click Explore to select a single product.
  4. Click Ok.

Opening an inter-product Spread Matrix

Use the Autospreader tab to open an existing inter-product spread that is managed by the Autospreader® widget. This includes any inter-product spreads you've created using the Spread Matrix.

  1. Open the Spread Matrix widget.
  2. Click the Autospreader tab in the Add Tab dialogue.

  3. Click the dropdown arrow in the Select a spread field and click on a spread.

    Note: The Autospreader tab only displays synthetic inter-product spreads. If there are no inter-product spreads created in Autospreader®, this dropdown will be empty.

  4. click OK.

Opening a custom inter-product Spread Matrix

To populate a Spread Matrix with two different products when there is not an existing Autospreader spread comprised of legs of the two different products, use the Custom tab.

  1. Open the Spread Matrix widget.
  2. Click the Custom tab from the Add Tab dialogue.

  3. Click Search for a product... in the Front leg product and Back leg product fields to select products for the front and back legs of the spread.
  4. Configure the following settings in the Spread Settings table:
    • Ratio — Indicates the quantity of each leg in relation to the others. A negative sign (-) before the number indicates a short leg. Values entered in the Ratio field do not affect the spread price.
    • Multiplier — Weights the value of the leg price to calculate the spread price when using the "Price Differential" formula:

      (1 * Leg1.MergedPrice) - (1 * Leg2.MergedPrice)

      Note: The multiplier can be a whole number, decimal number, or fraction. Fractional representation optimizes ticking accuracy.

      Example: A Spread Multiplier of 0.333333 displays as 1/3 in the Tick Information section.

  5. Click Ok.

    The custom spread is launched in Spread Matrix.