Order Ticket

Submitting an order

Submitting an order

To submit an order from Order Ticket:

  1. Open an Order Ticket.

  2. Enter the order quantity and price.

  3. Select the account, an order type, and TIF settings. Note that the list of order types can vary based on the exchange.

  4. If the selected order type requires additional information (e.g., Iceberg), provide the value.

    Note: If you select a TT order type or custom algo order type, enter the additional information in the fly-out dialog. For example, the following shows a fly-out dialog for a TT Bracket order type.

  5. Optionally, click the tag icon to show and enter data in the free-form text fields.

    These fields may be populated by default with user order-routing exchange properties from the Setup application. The usage of these free-form text fields varies by exchange.

    Tip: As needed, you can click the reset icon to reset the order ticket to its default settings.

  6. Click Buy or Sell to submit the order.

Customizing order quantity buttons

To customize order quantity buttons:

  1. While pressing the Ctrl key, right-click in the order quantity number pad buttons. The order quantity button interface opens.

  2. Change an order quantity in the interface. The value immediately changes on the corresponding number pad button.

  3. Click Save.

Submitting new orders on hold

Optionally, you can submit new orders as held orders, then resubmit the orders from the Order Book at a later time. To enable this functionality, right-click the on the widget and check the Show held-order toggle setting. You can also make this the default setting to submit all orders on hold. After you click Save, the Hold button is shown on the widget.

New orders can be submitted as held orders for the following natively supported order types, which vary by exchange and product:

  • Limit
  • Iceberg
  • Market to Limit
  • Stop Limit
  • Stop Market

To submit an order as a held order, click the Hold button, then submit the order. The Hold button is highlighted yellow when it's active. When active, all newly submitted orders are sent to the exchange "on hold" and appear in the Order Book widget with a status of "Hold" in the Status column.

Submitting a staged order

To submit a staged order:

  1. From Market Grid, open an Order Ticket for a contract, if necessary.

  2. Enter the order, price, quantity, order type, and TIF order restriction.

    Staged orders are entered as GTC only (GTD staged orders are not supported). You can select either Market or Limit as the order type.

  3. Check the Stage check box.

  4. Optionally, click the drop down arrow next to the Stage check box to enter any additional instructions. Click Remember Instructions to save the instructions in the Order Details screen.

  5. Click Buy or Sell to submit the order.

    The order appears in the Audit Trail and Order Book with a Status of Available.