Care Orders

Care Orders

Executing care orders as wholesale trades

Blocktrader supports executing staged care orders as two sides of a wholesale trade for HKEX and JPX markets. Select two single, bulked, or split care orders for the same instrument and order quantity with opposite Buy/Sell sides in the Order Book, then right-click and select Order staging | Send to Blocktrader in the context menu.

Note: For HKEX, "Send to Blocktrader" also appears in the context menu when selecting a single staged order to be executed as a one-sided (T4) OTC trade.

The staged care orders are displayed in Blocktrader. When submitted as a wholesale order, TT displays the Linked Order numbers in Blocktrader. The resulting fills for the wholesale order will be associated with the care orders using the linked order identifiers.

The "linked order number" is also shown in the TTOrderID column in the Audit Trail.