MiFID II Guide for the TT Platform

FIX Compliance MiFID II

FIX Compliance MiFID II

Trading Technologies has modified its FIX specifications for the TT® platform with additions and changes for the support of MIFID II. This document represents amendments to our existing production FIX specification for the TT platform and is to be used along with TT’s production FIX specifications:

FIX 4.2 and FIX 4.4 message specification

The specification incorporates TT’s analysis of the currently available exchange API specifications for MIFID II: ICE, Eurex, Euronext, IDEM, LME, LSE, MEFF and NASDAQ OMX. In addition, TT has analyzed the FIX Trading Community’s extension packs for MIFID II: EP 206, EP 222 and EP 228, and the AFME-FIX Hand-offs User Guide-V24.0.

Please contact your TT representative to obtain access for testing.

FIX Message Types

TT supports sending the original new order (D), cancel (F), and cancel/replace (G) message types for FIX Drop Copy users as part of the TT Compliance Feed functionality. Administrators can use the Setup application on TT to enable this feature per Drop Copy Out (standard mode) FIX Session using the Compliance Feed check box.