TT Desktop

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. By default, TT Desktop installs to path: C:\Program Files\Trading Technologies\. Can it be moved to a different location?

    Yes. You can select a different default folder location while running the default installer.
  2. Can TT Desktop be delivered via SCCM?

    Yes. The default TTD executable file can be made into a Microsoft SCCM package to help manage deployments across multiple workstations. However, this method will not provide version control for the application.
  3. When TT Desktop is launched, will it attempt to download any updates? Where will those updates be stored?

    The latest version of the TT Desktop application is always downloaded when a user logs in. The application code is held in memory during the session, and is discarded when TT Desktop is closed or refreshed.
  4. Does the installation require an Internet connection?

    Yes. An Internet connection is required for the download of the TT Desktop installer but is not required to run the installation.
  5. Can I get a static version of TT software?

    No. A static version of TT Desktop is not available per the design of our software.