Strategy Creation

Strategy Creation

Trading a user-defined strategy

Using the Strategy Creation widget, you can submit an order for a user-defined strategy that appears in the execution report panel.

Tip: You can also drag-and-drop the created strategy from the execution report panel to a Market Grid or MD Trader widget to trade the strategy.

To trade a user-defined strategy:

  1. Click the order entry widget icon in the Trade column in the execution report panel.

    Note: The Strategy Creation widget uses the default floating order entry widget set in Preferences. You can right-click the icon or anywhere in that row to select an order entry window other than the default.

    Tip: You can also click the RFQ column field for the strategy to send an RFQ to the market.

  2. Set a quantity and price and select an account, order type, and order restriction (TIF).

    Order types and restrictions vary by exchange. TT algos are also available for submitting an order for a strategy.

  3. Click Buy or Sell to submit the order.