TT Premium Services

TT Premium Services

TT Reserved

In a standard TT deployment, you connect to and share components and services with other users in TT's co-located data services. In the following diagram, multiple users in your firm or other TT companies can access any of the generally available components and services in the data center to submit orders to the exchange.

In a TT Reserved deployment, one or more services are provided on hardware reserved exclusively for your use in the same co-located data center. The following diagram shows a single user accessing a reserved service in the same data center.

On TT, you can reserve the following services on TT platform components:

  • Order routing — Server resources dedicated to routing your orders to your selected markets.
  • Spread trading — Server resources dedicated to executing your synthetic spreads. Only your spreads are launched to a reserved instance of Autospreader®, so no other user can enter orders for the spreads that you define.
  • Algorithmic trading — Server resources dedicated to executing TT Order Types and ADL algos in a specific data center. Only your algos are launched to your reserved instance of Algo Server, which consumes prices only from your selected markets.
  • Pre-trade risk (UAT) — Server resources providing a dedicated risk service for accounts and sub-accounts assigned to a specific server instance.