Getting Started

Getting Started

Introduction to Setup

The TT platform's Setup application serves as the central location for managing all TT users, their accounts, risk, exchange connections, and more.

Adding users, accounts, and markets is easy using the Setup application. If you already have order routing credentials for a given market, you can simply log in to the Setup application, add a new connection, and choose the market you need to add. After entering your market-specific connection information and saving, your session will automatically be available for order routing in a few seconds. After the connection is saved, assign the connection to the trading accounts for which it was intended, and your users can begin trading immediately with those accounts without needing to restart, refresh, or pause trading.

Users can also request that their brokers share accounts and access to markets with your company using the Setup application. For example, another company can share an omnibus account with your company, then you would ensure that the trading accounts with connections to the requested market are sub-accounts created under the shared account, and immediately the users can begin trading.

Note: Before you begin using the Setup application, please review the TT Platform requirements.

Setup Design

The Setup application is designed to support the interoperability of connections, accounts, and users so that there is no set sequence or order in which to add or assign these to your company. For example, you can add new users and assign them an account, or create an account, first, and assign it to the users. In either case, you can then assign the account to a connection for a new market or to an existing connection for a market that the users previously did not have access to.