CoinFLEX Overview

The Coin Futures Lending Exchange (CoinFLEX) offers physically delivered futures for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum against Tether, as well as the stablecoin-to-stablecoin futures contract for Tether (USDT) against Circle’s USD Coin stablecoin (USDC). The exchange is registered in the Seychelles with multiple offices in Asia, and has a matching engine located in Europe.

CoinFLEX Credentials

Before you begin setting up access to CoinFLEX on TT, you need to obtain each user's "User ID", "Cookie", and "Private key" for their CoinFLEX account. These credentials are required for accessing the TT platform.

Each user in your company needs to log in to, navigate to MY ACCOUNT | API DETAILS, record their user ID, cookie, and private key, and provide you with these exchange API credentials. To generate their private key, users click SHOW KEY in the "Derived API Key" section on this page.

As an administrator, you can then paste the User ID, Cookie, and Private Key into the Setup fields by the same name.

IMPORTANT: If a user changes their CoinFLEX account password on, that user has to generate a new Private Key and have it updated in Setup.

CoinFLEX Setup Requirements

Note: When setting up a CoinFLEX user, account, and connection in TT, you must adhere to the following requirements in order to connect to the exchange correctly:

  • Only one CoinFLEX account and one CoinFLEX connection can be assigned per TT user. Multiple connections through TT to CoinFLEX per exchange API key and secret are not supported.
  • Ensure that only one CoinFLEX account is assigned per TT user, and that multiple TT users have not been assigned to the same CoinFLEX account or connection.
  • Do not share a CoinFLEX account with another company.
  • Do not share the same CoinFLEX exchange API user ID, cookie, and private key with multiple users.
  • CoinFLEX provides one API key per CoinFLEX user ID, and Setup only allows one key to be entered per TT user.

Users in the U.S.A. are not eligible to trade on CoinFLEX. Please consult the CoinFLEX Terms of Service.